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Sally is one those individuals who is good on-leash. You’d never think it as you first approach her – she tends to become “hyper” for the first few moments. But give her time and she calms down beautifully to become a great walking companion. Turns out she’s easily trainable and not quite frisky around people.



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  • maravillas leomar says:

    ako po si leomar maravillas at buo po ang aking puso at isip na mahalin si sally at bigyan ng magandang tahanan po .

  • leomar maravillas says:

    Hi! I open-heartedly want to adopt Sally, and make her a member of our family. Our home is always open for abused dogs like her.. My family would love to have her around at our humble home.. We currently have a dog at our house, which I hope could help her feel comfortable being at a new surrounding.

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