Volunteer Guidelines

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site for the Rehabilitation of the Laguna Pit bulls. To ensure your and the dogs’ safety, we are kindly requesting you to follow our Guidelines for Volunteers. We thank you again for coming and hope that you will have a meaningful day.


Guidelines for Volunteers

1)   Please register in our Volunteer Log Book and sign the Waiver for Volunteers.

2)   There will be a short briefing by the officer on duty before going to the dog area.

3)   Present 1 of any of the Identifications below:

  • Government Issued ID
  • Student ID
  • Company ID

4)   Please wear the official LPB ID while inside the facility.

5)   Feeding of outside food to dogs is not allowed.

6)   Eating/drinking/smoking is only allowed at designated areas.

7)   Littering is not allowed. There are designated trash bins in the facility.

8)   If you have any questions/concerns about the dogs, please direct to the officer on duty and not to the dog


9)   “Clean as you go”. Please use the center facilities and equipments with care and put them back to their

original place once finished.


 1)     Only the dogs in the ADOPTABLE Area are to be walked.

2)     When choosing which dog to walk, please consult the LPB officer about your choice. Refer to the individual dog files where you can read about their behaviour to prepare you for your walk.

3)     No dogs are to be taken out of their cages unless approved and supervised by the LPB officer.

4)     ONLY the Caretakers can take a dog out from their cages and put them back in again.

5)     Before starting your walk, please check the dog collar and leash are tightly secured on the dog.

6)     There should ALWAYS be a buddy system during dog walks. Volunteers are not to walk a dog alone without the supervision of a Caretaker. (1 caretaker= 1 dog). In cases where some of the caretakers are not available (day-off, feeding time, etc) The LPB core member will assist and supervise the volunteers on their walks.

7)     No “dog to dog” interaction allowed. Always keep your distance from other walkers and dogs.

8)     Please remain within the Laguna Pit Bull Center area. Do not wander off the Resort area.

9)     After each walk, please fill up the Dog Log Book.


Thank You,

The Laguna Pit Bull Team