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A New Chapter for Brando aka Merry

There was not a dry eye at the Laguna Pit Bull Center when Merry-Go-Round (a.k.a Brando) finally found his forever home. It was all the more special since Merry was also the first of the 168 surviving dogs dubbed the “Laguna Pit Bulls” to be officially adopted on January 26, 2013.


Merry’s story began on March 30, 2012 when he and nearly 300 dogs were rescued from an illegal dogfighting operation in San Pablo City, Laguna province, south of Manila. The dogs were found on a 2-hectare coffee farm where they were tied to heavy chains staked to the ground with only rusty fuel drums for shelter. Volunteers recalled how Merry easily stood out from hundreds of dogs barking, jumping and vying for attention. He would turn in small circles, stop and hold your gaze then go round again, like a merry-go-round.


A calm and well-mannered dog, Merry was one of the first dogs to be freed from the heavy chains in San Pablo and walked on a leash. Volunteers soon discovered that Merry knew basic commands – sit, stay, heel – and more tellingly, he knew how to “gait” (walk at a specific pace and manner for the show ring) and “stack” (proper stance for the show ring), leading them to believe Merry was most likely trained for conformation dog shows by his previous owners. How he ended up in the dofighting ring, however, remains a mystery.


Ten months after being rescued, Merry begins the next chapter in his story with his new family. His human, Miguel, began volunteering at the center in November and quickly bonded with sweet and sociable Merry.


“We’re a good match,” said Miguel of his new companion dog, now renamed ‘Meriadoc’ after one of the characters from J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic book, The Lord of the Rings.  Miguel explained, “Merry was a charming, courageous and loyal friend, which I think he (Brando/Merry) will be as well.”


A perfect match! Miguel and Merry

Merry & Miguel

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