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The Big Move

The Laguna Pit Bulls were rescued from dogfighting syndicate back in 2011.  Come March 2012, they were transferred to Batangas where they had their temporary shelter.  Last December 09, 2012, we started transporting the dogs to their new shelter.  God was kind to us giving us fair weather during the days we had to finish the process.  All the core members were there to support and help with the transfer during the first day.

LPB Team at HE

Everything went well according to plan.  Cages were loaded on the truck. Transport kennels were cleaned and ready.


It was a matter of conditioning the dogs for the travel.  CARA and SLPB President, Ms. Nancy Cu Unjieng started to condition one of her favorite, Andy.


while SLPB Head and Transfer Organizer, Maria Parsons happily comforted Ensay.

Maria Parsons

The caretakers carry the dogs from their cages to the transport kennels and some were walked.Transfer 1

Transfer 2

Others wait for their turn.

Transfer 3

Transfer 4

Others patiently wait for their turn.

PB 1

PB 2

PB 3

PB 4

Nancy and Veterinarian, Dr. Glenn checking and making sure that the dogs were ok.



After all the kennel slots were completed with dogs, caretakers gave them water while Maria put drops of medicine to calm the dogs during travel and make them relaxed.




_MG_6906 _MG_6896


Then it was time to say goodbye to the old center where treasured memories will never be forgotten.





The truck was locked and secured.  The dogs were then on their way to the new center.




Goodbye to their steel ugly drums too!


Upon arrival at the new center, the dogs were checked and made sure they’re ok.


Cages were then arranged accordingly and then dogs were finally out of the kennel.






Water supply was provided to clean the cages.


WELCOME to the new Laguna Pit Bull Rehabilitation Center!






For those who would like to visit the Laguna Pit Bulls, please email:  We do not allow unscheduled visits so advance appointment is required.


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  • techie a. madjos says:

    greetings to CARA people. not many people likes dogs particularly the responsibility that goes with owning a dog. it’s heartwarming to note that there are “humans” like you who really have a heart for man’s best friend. i got teary eyed as i read on some stories of those rescued dogs. by the way, i am from Cabanatuan City and i also work here in this same city. my province is Nueva Ecija. i am also a dog owner and i treated them as members of my human family. may your tribe increase for the sake and welfare of our lovable companions. thanks.

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