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Why You Should “Fix” Your Pit (and Other Pets)

CARA Welfare strongly advocates spaying and neutering dogs and cats in an effort to reduce the large number of homeless, unwanted animals that are abandoned and roaming the streets. Irresponsible pet owners, particularly those that breed their dogs for profit, only add to the problem of pet overpopulation. The harsh reality is a large number of these puppies end up without a home.


Other than decreasing the number of homeless animals, there are also proven heath benefits to sterilizing pets. For one, it reduces the risks of certain types of cancers and infections.  Spaying/Neutering your pet also helps minimize unwanted nuisance behaviors such as spraying or marking territory, fighting or aggressive behavior, and generally makes your pet calmer and more stable. In fact, studies have shown that majority of dog attacks involved intact male dogs.

Spay Procedure

 In the case of the Laguna Pit Bulls, it was even more important to “fix” the remaining 140 intact dogs because of their history. Many of the dogs were used for fighting or used as bait for dogfighting but others were used for breeding which would perpetuate the vicious cycle of cruelty for the Laguna Pit Bulls. And that is why CARA was committed to getting every single dog spayed and neutered.


That dream became a reality thanks to two generous animal advocates in the United States who donated funds and helped assemble a team of Humane Society International (HSI) – trained veterinarians, led by Dr. Josue M. Victoria of the Marinduque Provincial Veterinary Office, to assist CARA’s partner veterinarians in the large-scale spay/neuter operation. Because of the magnitude of dogs, the team performed the surgeries over a span of four weekends in January and February at the Laguna Pit Bull Center. A total of 140 dogs were sterilized.

kaoru with Fifi


With the successful completion of the sterilization operation by Dr. Victoria and the rest of the “Dream Team” of vets, CARA is happy to announce that all the Laguna Pit Bulls have been spayed and neutered. In October 2012, 28 dogs were sterilized with the help of Animal Kingdom Foundation (

The Dream Team


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  • Zhander F. Bengco says:

    Nabalitaan ko po yung news before about the Laguna pitbulls. But it was only lately that I’ve learned na pwede po mag-adopt… May I ask how? Thanks… Hoping for your response. God bless you all for all your kindness and good deeds.

  • Lawrence Calumpad says:

    sir/maam mtgal ko na po gusto mag adopt pero i dont know kung pano , since 9yrs old palang ako gusto ko na mag ka pitbull pero hanggang ngayon wala pa , tapos ngayon nabalitaan ko na pwede mag adopt ng pitbull po sa inyo , sana po maka adopt ako kahit isa salamat po

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