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Tinkerbell Goes To America

Somewhere, across the seas, is a sweet young canine who has found a place she can finally call home. On September 23, 2013, Tinkerbell flew to Los Angeles, California. It’s not the first time that a CARA rescue has joined family abroad—Rizzo, a survivor of the streets of Cainta, Rizal, is now living in San Diego, California with his own loving family.

Both Tinkerbell and Rizzo faced grim futures before they were rescued. But while Rizzo was a street smart and determined survivor, Tinkerbell was so anxious about everything that it was heartbreaking for people to see her like that.


Her new mom, Jolene of L.A., recalls the day she first met little Tinkerbell. Jolene blogs, “When I first met her on my last trip to the Philippines, her face was full of fear and mistrust. She just stared at me with a long face as if any second I could make her suffer more pain and abuse. My stomach twists at the thought of the suffering she endured.”

When the day came for Tinkerbell to finally go to L.A., volunteers were both excited and anxious for the little girl. CARA volunteers Jan and Pam served as the advanced party at the airport as they settled all the paperwork needed for the trip. Meanwhile, CARA president Nancy Cu Unjieng and volunteers Francesca, Bianca, and Melody stayed by Tinkerbell’s side at Pup Culture for a little pre-departure R&R. Some vigorous play with her favorite green ball helped ease things up and, just as important, tired her out enough so she could rest well during her flight.

Tinker Play

Playing ball with Melody

tink with ball

Tinkerbell just can’t get enough of her green ball.  In the background is her favorite playmate, Bleu

tinkwith ball2

Last play with Bleu at Pup Culture

tink with collar2

Tinkerbell gets excited when she sees her collar

tink with collar 3WithTinker

Pre-departure R&R

As someone who’s more comfortable with the familiar, Tinkerbell was, expectedly, nervous at the airport. She clung tightly to Melody as she was moved from car to kennel. Once inside, she hid at the back of her kennel and, when it was time for her kennel to be inspected and weighed, she retreated to a corner of the cargo office as they waited for the next step.


Scared Tinker


Tinkerbell feels calm and relaxed when sitting in a corner


Waiting for her kennel to be x-rayed

Then the time came for her to board the flight. For the volunteers who were at the airport, it was a bittersweet goodbye when cargo handlers picked up the kennel and drove off, knowing it would be the last time they’d see Tinkerbell. They also worried about how terrified she’d be on the long flight from Manila to Los Angeles. In the end, everyone took comfort in the fact that it was a few hours of discomfort in exchange for a lifetime of happiness with her new family.

tink 4

One last kiss before the flight



With the airline crew and CARA volunteers


Tinkerbell at the end of her kennel ready for boarding


Final boarding

This early, things are beginning to look promising. Almost immediately after arriving home, Tinkerbell’s mom shared a video of her tentatively stepping out of the kennel to retrieve a treat laid out on the floor for her. Volunteers heaved a huge sigh of relief as they saw this unfold on their screens, knowing that things can only get better for LPB’s little girl.

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  • Doris R.Gregorio says:

    I came across your website when one of my nieces shared your post about a stray dog that you rescued. I since then have been following your posts, especially when I found out that you are taking care of so many Pitbulls. I was so happy that you protect this breed. I support animal rescue here in Seattle. I rescued a one year old Pit last year from a high kill shelter. This year I rescued a severely abused dog who had completeley shut down from human contact. Both my rescues get along so well, that at this time , they are inseperable. I also follow Rizzo, who came to San Diego. I have thought of adopting one of your dogs, but flying the dog here will be too expensive. Please tell me how Rizzo and Tinkerbell made it here in the US. What are the steps? And how do I start? I applaud you for what you do.
    Congaratulations to Tinkerbell and her forever family.
    God bless.
    Doris R. Gregorio

  • Doris R.Gregorio says:

    I applaud all the volunteers that made it happen. Thank you for saving Tinkerbell.

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