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adoption requirement

Adoption Requirements


1. We will require at least 3 visits to the center to meet the dogs and
to see which one is most compatible for you.
2. All dogs will be spayed/neutered prior to their release
3. All dogs will be up to date on their vaccinations & rabies shots. They will be dewormed.
4. Be available for a home visit by our adoption team before your application is approved and for follow up visits if your application is approved.
5. Submit the completed application form
6. Submit a copy of a government issued ID
7. If your application is approved you must agree to the terms of and sign the adoption contract
8. Full payment of adoption fee of Php 3500
9. If the dog you want to adopt has a pre-existing medical condition that requires continued care you must agree to provide this under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian


1. Some experience with large breed dogs
2. Have a fenced backyard or garden area
3. If the dog will be kept in a cage, the cage should be big enough so the dog can stand and walk around. Cage must be sturdy, and the dog should be allowed out of the cage or kennel several times a day for exercise.
4. Children and other pets in the household may not be advisable for certain dogs, this will have to be discussed with the adoption team when deciding which dog is the best match for you.

If you have any questions please email us your concerns at

If you would like to adopt a Pit Bull, kindly fill up our Guest Information Form below. Be sure to upload a soft copy of your valid ID.

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