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“Five years ago, I thought my only role in this world was to fight with my fellow canine siblings. I was so dedicated; I gave my best at every fight thinking it would prove to my owner how much I respect and love him. And so I did. With all my might and dignity. That time as well was I thought, would be the end of me. Then there came a group of people with light in their eyes. They said they would save us. I didn’t know then that what we were doing was wrong but what I know in my heart was this: I don’t want to fight. I have love within me. The good kind of love that these people has given me and eventually I also learned to give to them in return. And so we were brought into this magical place where all was good, and kind, and happy. I cannot believe this kind of place and people exists! We received a lot of baths and medications from the fights we had. They gave us vitamins and we munch on every food they put on our bowls. Food was scarce from where I used to live but here, they’re so abundant and very delicious too. They taught us that humans can be good and we’re capable just the same. I’m very grateful that I, together with my siblings, were saved from that dark and painful past. Some of them has found their furvever homes. And while I haven’t found mine yet, the volunteers, staff and caretakers assured me with belly rubs and kisses that someone out there, is waiting for me too. Could that be you?☺”


Some of our dogs are very much ready for a home. Some are for sponsorship for their continued rehabilitation. If interested to sponsor, donate, adopt, or volunteer, head on to

LPB Rollins. Photo by Darlene Dy

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Written by Frances Mariveles. Posted by Antonette Leachon

Want to help? Adopt or foster a Laguna Pit Bull? Wish to donate? Please click these links: 




Want to help? Adopt or foster a Laguna Pit Bull? Wish to donate? Please click these links:

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