About the Project

In March 2012, an estimated 266 pit bulls were rescued from a dog-fighting syndicate. This syndicate was operated by Korean nationals (with the help of a few Filipino cohorts).

The Koreans had been previously arrested for the same offense in Cavite. After their release in December 2011, the Koreans quickly posted bail and proceeded to arrange for the acquisition of more dogs for their illegal and barbaric online betting business which they relocated to Laguna. This is where they were arrested again.

The 266 rescued Laguna pit bulls presented overwhelming challenges for the rescuers. Many of the animals were found in very poor health. They were cruelly chained to posts buried in filthy mud with nothing more than cut-out steel drums for shelter. They were terribly malnourished, many with wounds inflicted during dog-fighting. Many were suffering from exposure to the elements. Despite medical care, many dogs perished or had to be put to sleep to end their suffering. Today, 157 remain and we continue to medicate them daily because of their ill health– a result of the poor living conditions and lack of medical care in the hands of the dog fighters.

CARA Welfare Philippines (www.caraphil.org) has been taking care of the pit bulls since their rescue. With some borrowed funds and volunteers who put in a lot of hard work, CARA was able to relocate the surviving animals to a sanctuary just a few hours’ drive from Manila.

CARA wants these surviving dogs to get a chance to live normal lives. But we cannot do it alone. The projected cost of running the sanctuary is PhP 230,000 a month. A major portion of this budget is, of course, for food. The dogs consume 3 large sacks of dog food daily. (We mix this with rice and vegetables.)

CARA also needs to nurture the sick ones back to health. After their rehabilitation, we aim to find suitable individuals or families to adopt them. So far, eight of the dogs have been adopted and are now living much happier lives.

The Laguna pit bulls, or LPBs, need help. All the volunteers have taken time off from their regular jobs to care for the animals. The LPBs are innocent victims of human cruelty–our priority is to ensure the survival of the dogs.

Come and volunteer! If you can’t spare time please donate. We need old towels, blankets, dog food, rice, vegetables, medicines, and cash. Or you can help us secure funding for the food, medical care, and upkeep of these deserving animals.