Project Updates
250 For A Kitty + 250 For A Pittie

The kitties and the pitties are once again meowing and arfing for your support. Give them some high 5’s. Your donation will help a CARA cat/dog and an LPB pitbull for one day. Please see poster for more details. #givemefive #fundraiser #cara #lpb #advocacy #fortheanimals #donate#give ❤️ Reported by Keith Salas. Posted by Antonette Leachon […]

Laguna Pit Bull Vaccination Day 2014

HUGE THANKS (and lots of pit bull kisses) to Maria Parsons and Louie Gonzalez for sponsoring the 5-in-1 vaccination of the Laguna Pit Bulls this year! Louie has been a big supporter of the Laguna Pit Bulls (LPB) right from the start; Maria as well, as she helps oversee LPB operations. They’ve also fostered, and […]

Why You Should “Fix” Your Pit (and Other Pets)

CARA Welfare strongly advocates spaying and neutering dogs and cats in an effort to reduce the large number of homeless, unwanted animals that are abandoned and roaming the streets. Irresponsible pet owners, particularly those that breed their dogs for profit, only add to the problem of pet overpopulation. The harsh reality is a large number […]

The Big Move

The Laguna Pit Bulls were rescued from dogfighting syndicate back in 2011.  Come March 2012, they were transferred to Batangas where they had their temporary shelter.  Last December 09, 2012, we started transporting the dogs to their new shelter.  God was kind to us giving us fair weather during the days we had to finish […]

Cloud Atlas Screening

Ayala Malls Cinema, Focus Features and Stillpoint Manila recently hosted a private advance screening of the epic drama Cloud Atlas, directed by acclaimed filmmakers Andy Wachowski, Lana Wachowski and Tom Tykwer, at My Cinema in Greenbelt 3 in Makati City. The screening, which was organized by Stillpoint Manila’s Rebecca De Villa and Focus Features’ Karla […]

Spay/Neuter Day with Animal Kingdom Foundation

Sometimes it takes a village to help just one dog; what more for 171 dogs rescued from an illegal dog-fighting ring?  CARA Welfare recently teamed up with Animal Kingdom Foundation (AKF), Inc. to conduct a Spay/Neuter Day at the Laguna Pit Bull Rehabilitation Center in Batangas. AKF is the local affiliate of UK-based International Wildlife […]

First Open House at the Pit Bull Center

CARA Welfare Philippines recently held its first open house at the Pit Bull Rehabilitation Center in Batangas. Around 30 volunteers came out to show their support for the Pit Bull Project–a major undertaking that began in April when CARA, in cooperation with several animal welfare advocates, took on the responsibility of caring for nearly 200 […]

A Day at the Laguna Pit Bull Rehabilitation Center