Success Stories
Tinkerbell Goes To America

Somewhere, across the seas, is a sweet young canine who has found a place she can finally call home. On September 23, 2013, Tinkerbell flew to Los Angeles, California. It’s not the first time that a CARA rescue has joined family abroad—Rizzo, a survivor of the streets of Cainta, Rizal, is now living in San […]

Thank You, Tinkerbell!

by Ras Mandangan Ras Mandangan is a volunteer of CARA’s Laguna Pit Bull Rehabilitation Project. He worked closely with Tinkerbell and was instrumental in helping her come out of her shell to reveal the playful tyke that she really is. Ras is one of the few people that Tinkerbell trusts. Though it pains him to […]

Ruby at Home: Six Months On

by Owen Santos What is it about sleeping babes that warms the heart so? Maybe it’s the soft, slow, rhythmic breathing (or snoring) that draws you in. Maybe it’s the meditative mood you fall into as you sync your  breath with theirs. Maybe it’s the calm expression on their faces that relaxes you, such that […]

Tinkerbell: Getting Ready to Go Home!

In November 2012, two ladies from the United States came to visit CARA’s Center for the rescued Laguna Pit Bulls (LPBs) at our former location in Lipa, Batangas. They had seen our website and were eager to see our facilities, meet the dogs, and help by way of donations. One of them was smitten by […]

Why You Should “Fix” Your Pit (and Other Pets)

CARA Welfare strongly advocates spaying and neutering dogs and cats in an effort to reduce the large number of homeless, unwanted animals that are abandoned and roaming the streets. Irresponsible pet owners, particularly those that breed their dogs for profit, only add to the problem of pet overpopulation. The harsh reality is a large number […]

Ruby gets adopted!

Ruby before she was adopted. Gorgeous Ruby has found a loving forever home!     What first attracts people to Ruby is her great coloring. But as you get to know her better, you’ll see that there’s more to her than that. She is great with people and exudes a very nice and positive energy […]

Brutus the “Ambassadog”

     For those meeting him for the first time, it’s hard to imagine that Brutus, a large and lovable teddy bear-like dog, was from a dogfighting bust. But thanks to animal welfare group Compassion And Responsibility for Animals (CARA), Brutus and the nearly 200 other surviving dogs rescued from an illegal dogfighting operation in […]

Jacob – From Foster to Forever Home!

  One of the “risks” a volunteer faces when spending time at the Laguna Pit Bull Center in Tiaong, Quezon is the possibility of falling in love with one or several of the nearly 200 rescued dogs that eagerly greet visitors and volunteers with their wiggly, waging tails and happy, smiling faces. Sometimes it’s an […]

A New Chapter for Brando aka Merry

There was not a dry eye at the Laguna Pit Bull Center when Merry-Go-Round (a.k.a Brando) finally found his forever home. It was all the more special since Merry was also the first of the 168 surviving dogs dubbed the “Laguna Pit Bulls” to be officially adopted on January 26, 2013.   Merry’s story began […]

The Big Move

The Laguna Pit Bulls were rescued from dogfighting syndicate back in 2011.  Come March 2012, they were transferred to Batangas where they had their temporary shelter.  Last December 09, 2012, we started transporting the dogs to their new shelter.  God was kind to us giving us fair weather during the days we had to finish […]