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ALFONSO, our resident big bear, is like a wise, old man who’s seen it all. There’s something about his “grandpaw-like” demeanor that attracts many visitors to him at the Center. But take him out of his cage for a walk, and his sprightly side come out–you’ll be in for quite a workout. Those who have interacted with Alfonso call him a big, brown bear – a hefty but beautiful fellow with a calm demeanor. We believe he’s in his middle-age years. Powerful but gentle, he may be a good match for those with a moderate- or low-energy lifestyle.

Lately, though, the “big” and “old” parts seemed to have caught up with him. He’s developed hip dysplasia, a skeletal disease involving the malformation of the hip joints with some large breeds having a predisposition to it.



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  • kat gregorio says:

    alfonso is handsome! 🙂

  • cathy says:

    oh my God! I am in love with this dog…

  • reymund says:

    wow!!! such a nice friend!!!! i would like to adopt him. i have a experience in a large breed of dog. i have a pit bull 6 months ago but he was poisoned by a theft.

  • reymund says:

    i would like to adopt him!!!

  • jay ryan leonor says:

    how to visit your center? what is the exact location? i want to adapt this dog (alfonso) i heard he used to be in dog fighting activity, is he stable now? how about his behavior?

  • Julie Ann says:

    pit bulls are associated for being aggressive and most these breeds use for dogfights but they cant see that those pit bulls just need a loving and caring home. i hope i can adopt one in the future they are so lovable.. i think for now i can help them by donating :d

  • erlyn says:

    how is he with other dogs?

  • Roland says:

    Nice pitt I like to adopt him I have more experience how to take care a large breed I have ruttweiler and 2 Pitt but one of my Pitt(Betty) & my ruttweiler (Tricia) was poisoned I know who killed my dogs but I don’t want to accused w/o any evidence only god knows ( kya yun kinakarma na pumayat ng grabe)

  • Pretty excellent post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have incredibly enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way I’ll be subscribing for the feed and I hope you write-up again soon.

  • Melvin says:

    I am willing to adopt Alfonso. Is he still available? I got a 9-month female GSP at home and I think a pit bull would best fit as her companion. Please reply to my e mail. Thanks.

  • Mochi says:

    Do they get along well with other dogs?

    • Melody De Jesus says:

      They are still in the process of rehabilitation. From what they have gone through, it’s hard for them to trust other dogs. However, most of them do not show aggressiveness, but they tend to be alert and cautious.

  • karlo quiobe says:

    Powerful but gentle, indeed.

  • sherwin padaca says:

    Im really longing to have a pitbull for so long. I believe they are not really aggressive if given the love and care. I preferred a dog who is calm, small type (if there is) and can be walked outside in our subdivision and if possible i want a male even though it is spayed. Hope u can give me the details if you can recommend which of the pictures showed is fit for me. By the way im 37 years old male, single and living with my aunt who happened to be a single also. so we are really looking to have somebody to be taken cared of. here is my contact no. 09178307816 you can text me anytime. thanks

  • dog lover says:

    how to adopt ? .
    plss we want to Adopt alfonso

  • eleazar says:

    want q po sna mag adopt.. pno b ang process..i had a belgian malinois b4..

  • Kenrick says:

    Sir/mam how can I adopt this cute dog sir/mam? I’m willing to help this cute pitbull

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