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Ears on alert, curious blue and grayish-brown eyes, typical stocky body and large head, this pit bull with the macho name is actually a sweetheart. He gently gets up as you walk up to him, and will approach you politely as well. Outside, he is generally well-behaved—he will sit quietly with you as you both watch people and other animals go by. But he can only be in one place for so long—a walk around the neighborhood makes Bruno a happy doggie.




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  • lhance 27 says:

    cute nito san po kyo sa laguna?

  • ej alimagno says:

    Hello guys, im interested in adopting bruno after reading his page he seems so gentle and would suite me well. Im an animal lover as a matter of fact i have 4 pure bred dogs and about 15askals, a burmese python a cat and a horse. We own a piggery in calamba and i think bruno will be happy running around and chasing ducks and chickens 🙂 please do mail me the infos in how and where.. requirements. Also, im studying veterinary medicine. Will take good care of this gentle giant

  • Ivan Mariano says:

    hi if it is possible I want to adopt Bruno or Pamela I want a dog that has a good manner and good with other animals bec I have an old golden retriever she about 7 yrs old if you think that the dog can get along with my golden maybe I can adopt one.

  • Bruno says:

    Natuwa lang ako kasi kapangalan siya namin ng lolo, papa at anak ko..We’re all Brunos

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