Meet the Rescued Pit Bulls


Celeste is quiet and reserved, but is quite good with people. This young beauty loves giving (and getting!) kisses.



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  • james says:

    i would like to adopt celeste and become my pet.. thank you!

  • Bradley Lazatin says:

    can i adopt that gorgeous dog? how sweet it is.. iam only 14 years old but i am very willing to help.. i really love dogs.. and i want that..

  • Patrick Naugle says:

    i am so happy to know that someone out there is finally helping to save these beautiful dogs they are my favorite breed and i plan to adopt and save as many as i can, people need to learn that it is not the dog that is violent it is the owner that neglects, abuses, and tortures these poor poor creatures.
    sincerly, Patrick Naugle, Truro Nova Scotia Canada

  • aspin9 says:

    don’t hate the breed, please go and adopt 1 to help this awesome dogs.

  • aris says:

    how can i adopt a dog? is it safe to have this kind of dog in the presence of a 5 year old boy and a toddler? interested in adopting one. TIA

    • Melody De Jesus says:

      You may visit the Center first and see which dog fits your family and lifestyle. Please see requirements for adoption and email your intent to once you’ve decided to push through with the adoption. Thank you.

  • Reese Recto says:

    Where is your center located? Can i visit the dogs there even if i havent submitted a adoption form yet? We are willing to adopt one of your cuddly dogs but we hope we can see them up close before doing so. Thanks. ☺

  • rommel carl rebulado says:

    ang cuteeeee! hehehe

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