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One of the big guys, Datu towers over many of the dogs in the group. He’s an imposing figure with his long legs and large face. When out on walks, he seems quite eager to interact with other dogs. While Datu’s health has improved from the time he was rescued, he’s got a long way to go. He eats quite heartily, but has been slow to gain weight. He also has a number of lesions on his legs and tail. Consider sponsoring Datu to help him become the great canine companion that we know he can be.


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  • Marissa Marfil says:

    Hi LPB,

    Hugs & kisses to Datu! I hope I can adopt him, but I’m also a struggling single mom. And due to the nature of my work, I can’t have dogs in my house because of their barking. I got cats instead.

    Anyway, is there a BDO account for the Laguna pit bulls? BPI is out of my way that’s why I rarely go to their branch. I’ve enrolled CARA’s BPI account to my online banking. But LPB has a different BPI account.

    Let me know. Thanks! More power and for you Datu, my prayers. Hope you get well very soon and find loving homes. No to dog fighting!! Shame on those Koreans who did this to you. They will have their karma one day, and to others who do this cruel thing… may araw din kayo!


  • justin says:

    How can i adopt?

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