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Pesto is one handsome creature. His short stature is not an issue for this strong one. He’s quite confident and manageable on walks, and looks very regal while at rest. Pesto’s handlers say there’s more to him than what he’s shown them so far. Perhaps more interaction will coax out many other facets of his personality.




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  • tim fullen says:

    Id love it if i could adopt one of these studs ( pesto,pablo,plato,bruno,blake,jack or harry) thanks.. Pls send me an email with any regards to my birthday wish..Godbless

  • Rogie Ann Talabis says:


    can i visit the center to meet this beautiful creatures especially pesto? i already emailed and but no response yet. is there anything i need to do? please let me know.

    thanks a lot.


  • Rogie Ann Talabis says:

    Im interested of postering Pesto during my vacation in the Philipines which will be next year (if he still not adopted) and if it is possible. My home town is Sta. Cruz Laguna.

    please do advice.

    thanks a lot.


  • Rogie Ann Talabis says:

    Hello po..

    I would love to meet pesto.. can I visit thr center during my vacation(Sept 2015)?

    I already send email bur no reply. Kinly let me know what should I need to do.

    Thank a lot

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