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Zena is such a bundle of positive energy in an adorably compact package. She simply loves human attention. In fact, some describe her to be so flirtatious—just sidle up to her and she will slink over and ask for a back rub. Zena is no longer a puppy, but she is one of the younger ones in the group. She could be a suitable companion for those with a moderate- to high-energy lifestyle.



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  • Anthony says:

    I’m from Calamba City Laguna. What is the exact address of CARA Center? I’d like to come for a visist. I’m interested on adopting a pit bull.

  • Dr. Dennis says:

    Please read my email. I want to secure MGR for my family.
    Yes, i fully understand the terms and conditions.

    many thanks.

  • Chino says:

    Hi, saw your adopt-a-pitbull segment on tv5 before, im thinking of adopting a pitbull but im sure that u guys will reject it if i apply because of my address, im currently staying in ilocos norte right now so i guess you might say it will be too far for u guys. so what can i do?

    • Melody De Jesus says:

      You are right. We are currently focusing on potential adopters who are close by, since one of the major requirement is for the adopter to visit the Center at least 5 times, to be able to bond with their chosen dog. Since there are 164 remaining dogs, visitors tend to get overwhelmed on the first day, petting each and every one of the dogs and choosing their dog. It is important for us to observe how the adopter will handle the dog through walking, bathing and bonding. We wouldn’t want them to fall in the wrong hands again.

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