Success Stories
Tinkerbell Goes To America

Somewhere, across the seas, is a sweet young canine who has found a place she can finally call home. On September 23, 2013, Tinkerbell flew to Los Angeles, California. It’s not the first time that a CARA rescue has joined family abroad—Rizzo, a survivor of the streets of Cainta, Rizal, is now living in San […]

We need your help!

FUNDRAISER FOR OUR DEAR LAGUNA PIT BULLS We currently have a balance of PHP 347,398 at the vet alone. Running and maintaining our rescue has been such a huge undertaking from the get go. Our goal is to ensure all rescues under CARA Welfare Phils – “Compassion And Responsibility for Animals” are truly cared for […]

Chain of Hope

“Five years ago, I thought my only role in this world was to fight with my fellow canine siblings. I was so dedicated; I gave my best at every fight thinking it would prove to my owner how much I respect and love him. And so I did. With all my might and dignity. That […]

adoption requirement

Adoption Requirements Required: 1. We will require at least 3 visits to the center to meet the dogs and to see which one is most compatible for you. 2. All dogs will be spayed/neutered prior to their release 3. All dogs will be up to date on their vaccinations & rabies shots. They will be […]

250 For A Kitty + 250 For A Pittie

The kitties and the pitties are once again meowing and arfing for your support. Give them some high 5’s. Your donation will help a CARA cat/dog and an LPB pitbull for one day. Please see poster for more details. #givemefive #fundraiser #cara #lpb #advocacy #fortheanimals #donate#give ❤️ Reported by Keith Salas. Posted by Antonette Leachon […]

ADOPTED : Laguna Pit Bull SARSI

Oh we know that smile Sarsi now ALON (new name)! Congratulations on finding your forever human! #adopted Reported by Keith Salas. Posted by Antonette Leachon Want to help? Adopt or foster a Laguna Pit Bull? Wish to donate? Please click these links:  DONATE ADOPT VOLUNTEER

Adopted Laguna Pit Bull: Ruby

Pretty girl with a beautiful smile, Ruby was adopted last February 2013. Her new mom worked with her; walking her, giving her baths, bonding with her for several months starting September 2012 before she took Ruby home.”I kinda gravitated to her energy. Because I have a cat, I needed someone with sort of a medium […]

Help a Kittie and a Pittie!

For every Php 500 you donate (250 for a CARA rescue and 250 for an LPB) you will be taking care of their needs for one day. Please see poster for more details.   #donate #support #cara #lpb Reported by Keith Salas. Posted by Antonette Leachon Want to help? Adopt or foster a Laguna Pit […]


Our dear Calypso has cherry eye and will undergo surgery to correct this. He is also being treated for demodectic mange through medicated baths and supplements. Help us address this urgent need for assistance in vet bills. Any amount is help that goes towards all vet bills and maintenance for sick dogs. You may deposit […]

ADOPTED : Laguna Pit Bull MISSY

We bid adieu to one of our charmers at the center. Missy was picked up earlier today by Toni and her partner at BetterDog. Missy will be enjoying the company of Toni’s family and will have an entire house and yard to romp in. No doubt our beautiful girl will be one spoiled doggie! Cheers […]

Laguna Pit Bull Vaccination Day 2014

HUGE THANKS (and lots of pit bull kisses) to Maria Parsons and Louie Gonzalez for sponsoring the 5-in-1 vaccination of the Laguna Pit Bulls this year! Louie has been a big supporter of the Laguna Pit Bulls (LPB) right from the start; Maria as well, as she helps oversee LPB operations. They’ve also fostered, and […]