Volunteer Tasks

Volunteer Program

If you are wondering what you can do as a volunteer, the Volunteer Program might be able to give you a better picture of what it’s like. There are several areas where you can participate in, depending on your interests, skills, and experiences.

“LPB Dog Ate/Kuya”

This is one of the most hands-on roles. Being a kuya or ate means bonding with your younger siblings, and in this case, those siblings are the Pit Bulls. Since this involves direct interaction and socializing, it is important that you relate well to dogs, are comfortable handling them, can speak in a soothing manner, and can understand their body language.

The main goal for the kuyas and ates is to keep the dogs emotionally healthy and physically attractive for them to have a happy life. A happy life means increasing their chances of finding a loving home.

“LPB Center Assistant”

As a Center Assistant, you will be working with the Caretakers and assist them with their daily cleaning routine of the dog cages and of the Center as well. You will also assist in the Site Maintenance like clearing of land, planting vegetables, and developing the dog activity area and other LPB Center Projects. Since this involves a lot of physical work, the volunteer must be able to endure strenuous work routines.

The main goal for the Center Assistant Volunteers is to provide the dogs with a clean and healthy environment that meets the standards of the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI).

“LPB Administrative Assistant”

If organizing and office work is your thing, then this is the role for you. You will be assisting the LPB Administrative Center Coordinator in filing, consolidating forms, dog records, inventory and other paper works in the site. You are expected to have good coordination skills in filing and updating documents, and basic knowledge in Microsoft Office is an advantage.

“LPB Adoption Counsellor”

Might be considered by some as “The Matchmaker”. As a counsellor, you will visit with the potential adopters in the adoption area and assist them in finding their “dog-match”. Note that the volunteer must be at least 18 years of age and have the approval of the Volunteer Coordinator.

The main goal is to help potential adopters find the dog most suited for their home and lifestyle so it is important that the volunteer is knowledgeable about responsible pet care. The volunteer must also be proficient in the adoption process which includes screening, interviewing, and placement of animals into adoptive homes.

“LPB Dog Walker”

Like most (if not all) dogs, the Pit Bulls need to exercise. As a Dog walker, you will be taking them out for their exercise and play time, utilizing the grounds of the LPB Center. This is to ensure that the dogs’ physical needs are met and their well-being restored.

Volunteers must be at least 16 years of age, physically fit to walk the dogs, and must have prior experience in dog walking.

“LPB Assistant Dog Trainer”

The volunteer will assist the Dog Behaviour Counselors/Trainers with dog training classes at the LPB Center or at offsite locations. He/she is also expected to interact with the class attendees and their dogs while demonstrating, explaining, and emphasizing the goals of the class.

The volunteer must be able to effectively communicate with the Dog Behaviour Counsellors/Trainers and relate well to dogs. We also advise that the volunteer read about dog-training literature and watch recommended videos.

The main goal is to help potential adopters/dog guardians communicate and develop a bond with their dogs with a goal of keeping the dog in its home and reducing the number of dogs that will develop behavioural issues.

“LPB Groomer”

The volunteer will bathe and groom the dogs to make them more comfortable and attractive. This will increase their chances at adoption as well as enhancing their lives.

Volunteers must have prior experience in grooming and is expected to be proficient in bathing and/or grooming. All necessary supplies are available at the LPB Center.

“LPB Humane Educator”

If you are comfortable with public speaking, then this role suits you. The volunteer will give presentations at locations in the community or during events, as well as give presentations with tours at the LPB Center. He/she may also take a pre-approved animal to those presentations/events as approved by the LPB Core.

The volunteer must believe in the values and objectives of humane education. Aside from being comfortable with speaking in front of groups, he/she must also be able to interact well with the public, able to think on his/her feet and answer questions from the audience. The volunteer must also be willing to read and be familiar with the LPB education materials and be approved by the LPB Core.

The goal of a LPB Humane Educator is educating the public about Animal Welfare issues and responsible pet ownership while promoting the human-animal bond and the pit bull breed.

“LPB Public Relation Crew”

Every once in a while, the Laguna Pit Bulls get invited to events. The job of the Public Relation Crew is to attend these events, set up and man the booths, speak to the public, give out hand-outs and other LPB PR Materials to help promote the LPBs. The volunteer will also assist the PR/Event Coordinator and the LPB Humane Educator in gathering funds, donations, and supporters for the LPBs.

The goal of the PR Crew is to create awareness to the public about the Laguna Pit Bulls.Good social skills and the ability to address the public in a small or large crowd will come in handy.

Special Volunteering Opportunities

LPB Transportation Volunteer

We sometimes need transportation for our volunteers to and from the LPB center, and for when we need the dogs to be driven to the vet. We need volunteers who have vehicles that can accommodate either the volunteers or the dogs in different occasions.

LPB Medical Assistant

We need the dogs to be regularly checked by Vets to maintain a clean bill of health. We need Vets, Vet Techs and Vet Students to come to the center on a regular basis to address the medical needs of the LPBs.

LPB Remote Volunteers

Can’t go to the Center? That’s alright. One can volunteer his/her personal time from home to work on other LPB projects and activities. Opportunities are limitless for whatever volunteer work one can offer.

Group Volunteering

We occasionally have larger projects at the Center suitable for group volunteers. If you and your friends/colleagues are interested in volunteering as a group, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator and provide important information such as: groups size, availability (dates & times), and any skills or project suggestions.

More information on Group/Company Volunteer Opportunities can be found here: LPB Group Volunteer Program.

Thank you,

The Laguna Pit Bull Team